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Arthur Ernest? Jenkins Clippings

See his family record.

Fatal Accident
To Small Boy
      Arthur Jenkins, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jenkins, who lived on the farm of Mr. Stanton Glaize near Meadow Mills, met with a fatal accident a few days ago. The boy was riding the off mule attached to a wagon and team belonging to Messrs. Stickley & Orndorff, when he either fell or slipped off, and one of the wheels of the wagon, loaded with a cord and a half of wood, passed over his abdomen. The wagon was going down hill at the time.
      With the Jenkins boy at the time was his brother, Willie. The injured lad, though in great pain, walked to his home nearby. Dr. Weaver was immediately summoned from Middletown, and an examination showed him that there was no hope for the little sufferer. He passed away at 2 o'clock in the morning.
      He was a bright boy and the second child, and was about 6 years old.

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