Here are some newsclippings and other bits of family memorabilia to help in piecing together this family history.

Carson & Nettie Jenkins Clippings

Mary Agnes Jenkins Clippings

Deborah Lynn Furr Clippings

Angela Marie Raymond Clippings

David Franklin Furr Clippings

Mary Frances Furr Clippings

April Dawn Hungerford Clippings

Norman Edward Jenkins & Two Wives Clippings

Danny Lee McCollough Clippings

Nicky Lee McCollough Clippings

Frank Philip Jennings III Clippings

Charles William Jenkins Clippings

John David Jenkins & Sharon Allona Unger Clippings

Eugene Asbury "Gene" Newlin Jr. Clippings

James Robert Newlin Clippings

Arthur & Oma Jenkins Clippings

William H. Jenkins Clippings

Arthur Ernest? Jenkins Clippings

Howard P. Jenkins Clippings

Jessie & James Whittington Clippings

Ernest L. Whittington Clippings

Nancy M. Whittington Clippings

Thelma Louise Whittington & Robert Lee Purdham Clippings

Emma & Charles Hausenfluck Clippings

Kenneth & Anna Hausenfluck Clippings

Margaret Hausenfluck Heck Clippings

William Clay Hausenfluck Clippings

Charles Leonard Hausenfluck Jr. Clippings

Peggy Hausenfluck Smallwood Clippings

John Mumaw & Wives Clippings

Eliza E. Mumaw Clippings

John W. & Rosie Brown Clippings

Charles L. Brown Clippings

John Henry Mumaw & Wives Clippings

John William Mumaw (Jr.) Clippings

William Clinton Mumaw Clippings

Charles Ashby Entsminger Clippings

James Outie Williams & Dorothy Ellen Brill Clippings

David Henry Entsminger Clippings

Ethel McDowell Smith & Walter Lee Stokes Clippings

Donald David Stokes Clippings

Kenneth Edward Stokes & Betty Puffinburger Clippings

Ray McDowell Stokes & Lula Mae Pingley Clippings

Nancy Frances Smith & Boyd Clifton Griffey Clippings

Mary Ellen Smith & James McDowell Entsminger Clippings

Christine A. Haslett & Clarence Cinader Clippings

Barney Entsminger Clippings

Martha Green Clippings

Audrey Elizabeth Entsminger Clippings

Barbara Jean Entsminger Clippings

Zona Alice Entsminger Clippings

Samuel Lester Davis Clippings

Loretta May Davis Clippings

Albert David Entsminger Clippings

Talitha Cumy Entsminger and Benjamin Franklin Stump Clippings

Scetta Beatrice Stump and Roy Earl Burmeister Clippings

Aubrey Elwood Stump & Doris Marie Dye Clippings

Rev. Budd Glenn Entsminger & Goldie Iness Shaffer Clippings

Margaret Juanita Entsminger Clippings

Delores Jean Entsminger Clippings

Dorothy Belle Entsminger Clippings

John Entsminger Jr. Clippings

Lewis Clark Entsminger Clippings

Edward Phillip Higgins Clippings

Raymond Higgins Clippings

Gladys Higgins Clippings

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