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Here are some links to different webpages that are related to what is covered in this website. Some of these are about the Tuscarora Indians and other eastern North American Indian tribes. This also includes pages about various isolate groups of people who either claim or are thought to have American Indian ancestry as well as personal home pages of persons who either have or may have Tuscarora or other eastern North American Indian ancestry.

I have divided it into three categories. The first category contains links to websites that have something to do with the different families covered on this website. The second category is made up of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) related sites and the third category is made up of any other eastern North American Indian related sites.

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Links to sites related to the families covered on this website

Rockbridge Co. VA, GenWeb

Genealogy and History Home Pages With Rockbridge Connections
Some of the families presented here may have Indian ancestry in them or Indian progenitors. Members of the families in question have been described as dark complexioned etc. Other families in this link have no reference to Indian ancestry

Doug and Joan Mumma's Home Page
Although the progenitors of the surname Mumma (and it's variants) are of German origin, intermarriage with Indians is possible in some branches. This would probably explain why some folks in my family make the claim that my Mumaw ancestors are Indian

History of Walnut Springs Christian Church & Cemetery
Where Arthur & Oma (Mumaw) Jenkins are buried.

Strasburg Christian Church
Where Ashby, daughter Nettie, & wife Mary Belle worshipped

Shenandoah County, Virginia Marriage Records
Arthur & Oma (Mumaw) Jenkins marriage record.

Rockbridge County, VA- Agnor/ Agner/Egner Marriages

Rockbridge County, Virginia Cemeteries, Kerrs Creek District

Riverview Cemetery

Has another listing of Riverview cemetery inscriptions.

History and Genealogy Information Related to
Northern Shenandoah County Virginia

Excerpts From "The Buffalo Ridge Cherokees:
Remnants of a Great Nation Divided"

Clark Cousins Of Virginia
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Conner Family Roots
Link appears to be dead with no replacement

Entsminger Genealogy
by Gary Entsminger.

Open Door Apostolic Church
Founded by Rev. Bud Glenn Entsminger.

Biographical History for John Entsminger
Son of John and Sarah (Knick) Entsminger
(Her name erroneously spelled as "Kinck")
Link appears to be dead but other John Entsminger biographies to be added

Clyde F. Conner, Sr.

Monacan Indian Tribe Home Page

Virginia's Indians : Monacans

Virginia's Indians, Past & Present

Resources on Native Americans at the Library of Virginia

United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia

Kristina Ganyon is the Association President

Leonard Jenkins' Rock Band

Links to Haudenosaunee related sites on the Web

Tuscarora and Six Nations Websites
Please Visit Our Sponsor, Tuscaroras.com

Iroquois Constitution

The Jake Thomas Learning Centre

Native American News, Views, and Legends
We also share culture

Keihan's Web
American Indian Resources on the Web

The Tuscarora School

People Building a Longhouse


Six Nations of the Grand River

Native Americans of the Northeast The Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy

Ohwejagehka: Ha`degaenage
Dedicated towards preserving and nurturing the languages,
songs and dances that are indigenous to North America.

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

The Wampum Chronicles
A Website of Mohawk History

NDN Bluez Homepage

Joanne Shenandoah
The celebrated Native American singer, songwriter, and composer.

Cayuga Nation
The Cayuga Nation of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

The Seneca Nation of Indians

Oneida Indian Nation

Kanatsiohareke Mohawk Community



The Intertribal Rez

Has information on "Virtual humans", sophisticated robots that recognize words and speech

North Carolina Indian related links

Fort Neoheroka Excavation and Artifacts
Fort Neoheroka Battlefield Marker

Emerald Isle, NC

Coastal Carolina Indian Center - An Educational Tribute to our Ancestors - The First People of Eastern North Carolina
East Carolina Roots - Researching the Family Trees of Eastern North Carolina
Spiritual Salt - An Online Journal | Soli Deo Gloria
Writing Journal
The Website of Sara Whitford, Author
The Adam Fletcher Adventure Series
Old Time Knowledge

Oral History Interview with Carnell Locklear, February 24, 2004. Interview U-0007.
Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).

Looking for Ms. Locklear

By Frank G. Speck (1916)

A singing trio of women. Two of whom are Tuscarora

Gloria's Genealogy and History Gateway
This website contains excellent information for conducting research in American Indian ancestry
She is also a Mackay descendant and her site is linked to my Robert Mackay Clan website as well

A Tree With Many Branches
Genealogy website of Jane Blanks Barnhill

Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina

Lumbee Regional Development Association

Erin Locklear's Lumbee Page

Lumbee Homecoming

Links to other eastern North American Indian related sites
and family sites connected to this website on the web

Charlotte's Web Native American Home

Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation

Thunder Mountain Lenape Nation
Click here for their old address.

Turtle Island Native Network


Digital History, LTD
Contains info. about the French and Indian War

The Official Site of the Cherokee Nation

Southern Cherokee Nation

Lisa Mitten's Homepage
Contains numerous American Indian Links

Brenda Collins Dillon's homepage

Website about the language and culture of the Mingo, an Iroquois people of West Virginia and Ohio.

RootsWeb's guide to tracing family trees
Help in tracing the ancestry of African-American, Native American, Jewish & Unique Peoples.

This is a website created by Tasha Apple who desparately needs a kidney transplant.
Please take the time to visit this site and read her story

NC Native News

Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation

Searching for Saponi Town
Descendants of the Fort Christanna Indians Brunswick County, VA ca, 1720

Clemency for Leonard Peltier petition
If you want to help in the effort to free Leonard Peltier then sign this petition asking for his release.

An Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to
Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Traditions


Defining Ourselves, Native American and Metis Identity.

Cherokee By Blood
A guide to researching American Indian ancestors.

Earth Mother Crying!
The Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide
Click here for their e-book offer.

On-line reading about the history of this coastal North Carolina Nation.

Join The Circle
We are looking for other Cherokee organizations and affiliations in order to establish a network and directory.

Indian Slavery in Colonial Times Within the Present Limits of the United States

Marjorie Hudson, Among the Tuscarora:
The Strange and Mysterious Death of John Lawson, Gentleman, Explorer, and Writer

Genforum: American Indian Forum

Native American (Indian) Genealogy

North American Indian Name Index

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