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Rachel Elizabeth Smith Record

Rachel Elizabeth Smith, born: btw 1855 to 1865; Rachel was listed as a widow in the U.S. 1910 census, Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge County, VA. However, earlier birth records seem to point more strongly that Rachel was a single parent and did not have a husband. This is similar to a couple of the earlier generations in the Hartless family.

Ages of Rachel:
6 months on 1860 census living with Alexander & Polly Smith
15 years of age 17 Sep 1870 census
19 years of age on marriage record 11 Jun 1875
43 years of age 28 Apr 1910 census
-so born Feb 1860
-so born 1855
-so born 1856
-so born 1867

Rachel, married: 11 Jun 1874; Lexington, Rockbridge Co. VA; John W. West, born: 1851;

Reel 75 1871-1874 "John W. West 23 (23), his parents Isaac A. & Mary Ellen West m. 11 Jun 1874 in Lexington, VA to Rachel Smith 18 (19), daughter of Alexander & Polly Smith.

85 Marriage Licenses 1902-1907 no marriage for Rachel.

Rachel, & (unknown), It's not really know if John West was the father of Rachel's children or if someone else was. All records concerning Rachel's children used the surname Smith and listed Rachel as the only parent.

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Had children 1882 to 1898 (16 year period) either 15 years to 31 or 27 years to 43 both possible.

Rachel's known children are as follows:


Source info: Ken Morris; Personal theory; U.S. 1910 census, Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge County, VA; Dee Ann Buck;