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Henry Hartless Record

Henry Hartless, born: ca. 1725; Caroline Co. VA; died: 9 Jul 1803; Amherst Co. VA; Possibly son of Samuel Hartless; Further research is needed to establish the connection between Henry and Samuel.

Henry, married: Caroline Co. VA; Isabella (unknown),

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There appears to be discrepancies in the listing of Henry's children between Gloria Schell's notes (which this record is based upon) and Paul Heinegg's record on the Hartless family. He has my lineage listed but some of the other children listed as Henry's are not the same as the ones here. For example, there is mentioned a Peter Hartless. Also, some of the children listed in Paul Heinegg's record are listed as grandchildren of Henry here being the children of James Hartless. Here is some biographical information on Henry from Paul Heinegg's page:

1.     Henry1 Hartless, born say 1730, a "mulatto," was presented by the Spotsylvania County court on 4 May 1761 for cohabiting with a white woman [Orders 1755-65, 208]. He was head of an Amherst County household of 9 whites (free persons) and a slave in 1783 [VA:48] and 9 "whites" in 1785 [VA:85]. He was taxable in Amherst County from 1783 to 1803: taxable on 2 slaves, 6 horses and 17 cattle in 1783, 4 free tithables and a slave in 1788, 3 tithables, 3 slaves and 5 horses in 1791 [Personal Property Tax List 1782-1803, frames 23, 53, 137, 167, 227, 291, 349, 395, 482, 589]. He purchased 215 acres in Amherst County on a branch of the south fork of Buffalo and on Long Mountain on 28 February 1778 and 330 acres in Amherst County on Horsley Creek on 6 January 1797 [DB E:47; H:219]. On 2 April 1782 the Amherst County court ordered that he be paid for providing 20 pounds of bacon and 275 pounds of beef to the Revolution [Orders 1773-82, 281]. He was called Henry Hartlas, Sr., on 16 July 1798 when he received a grant for 72 acres on Swaping Creek [Grants 1797-98, 311]. He proved the will of John Jarvis in Amherst County court on 17 June 1799 [Orders 1799-1801, 1]. He died intestate on 9 July 1802, and on 17 September 1803 his widow Isabella Hartless made a deed appointing four of her sons Henry, James, William, and Richard administrators [DB I:582]. The inventory of his estate, recorded on 19 December 1803, totaled 777 pounds [WB 4:140]. His heirs sold 523 acres on the north fork of the Pedlar River to William Hartless on 8 August 1818 and sold other land to John Clark, Joseph Jarvis, Reuben Peters and Nathaniel Cooper by deed proved in court on 18 October 1819. They were William Hartless and his wife Nancy, Henry Hartless and his wife Jane, Richard Hartless and his wife Mary, William Wilson and his wife Nancy, Mariant Hartless, Annis Hartless, James Graham and his wife Isbell, Joseph Jarvis and his wife Nancy, John Clark and his wife Mary, Reuben Peters and his wife Susannah, and Nathaniel Cooper and his wife Patsy [DB O:293, 295, 331; Orders 1815-20, 434, 438-9].

Correspondence is needed with Paul Heinegg and Gloria Schell to determine which listing of children is more accurate. For now, this record follows the listing as given by Gloria Schell.

Eventually I will go to Amherst and Caroline Counties to try and verify all of this myself.

Issue: Hartless

Source info: Gloria Schell's notes; Free African Americans by Paul Heinegg (Hammond-Hawley);