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John Agner Record

John Agner, b.bf.1765 (probably between 1740 and 1750); possibly Lehigh Co. PA; possibly son of Johannes and Margarita Aegendener; m. (unknown), He and his family lived near the Ayres (Eyres), Entsminger, and Hostetter families upon settling in Rockbridge County. More biography found in The Early Agner Family of House Mountain, Rockbridge County, Virginia. The info. on these records of the Agner family are taken from the aforementioned pamphlet. I have endeavored to add the source info. that is relevant to the info. in each of these records, however there is more information present in the pamphlet. This work was published on-line until sometime recently at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/7360/agner.txt. Unfortunately it appears to no longer be on-line. I saved a printed copy of this entire work as well as a copy on a floppy disk and I will see if it can be reposted online sometime in the future.

Issue: Agner

John, m-2.8/29/1811; by Rev. D. Blain; Susanna Walkup, d.ca.1844; widow of William Walkup.

Source info: The Early Agner Family of House Mountain, Rockbridge County, Virginia (by Angela Ruley), p.1-3 (1810 Rockbridge County, Virginia Census) (Rockbridge County, Virginia Marriage Bond of John Aignor & Susanna Walkup. A transcription of this Marriage Bond is online at: ftp://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/va/rockbridge/vitals/marriage/mar1811.txt) (Rockbridge County, Virginia Deed Book P, p. 296);