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Listed below are partial genealogy records of families covered on Maverick's Corner. These are primarily my lines of descent from families on my mother's side. The nucleus of these records is the family of Carson Lee Jenkins & Nettie Agnes Entsminger. My emphasis is on the lines which I believe have American Indian ancestry. The families which I suspect to be of Indian origin are indicated by an "*" on each side of the name. Click on each name listed to view a partial genealogy record of that family. If anyone can help provide the missing links to these families I'd appreciate it.

(I'm in the process of receiving new family data in the form of various newsclippings & photographs from one of my cousins. I am in the process of creating these partial genealogy records to document my ancestry from these families a little better as a result of this. This is something I have been waiting for a long time and will greatly improve Maverick's Corner.)

MTDNA Results
Above is a link to the Mitochondrial DNA test results I had done on myself. This would represent my lineage solely through the female line. I had done this initially to see if American Indian ancestry was present in this line based on a theory of frontier settlers marrying Indian women. The test results, however, conclude that I am part of the 'Haplogroup H' which is a group predominant throughout Europe. This rules out my direct female line as having Indian ancestry. This line is connected to the Smith record below, being Rachel Smith's mother's mother's etc. line. If Indian ancestry does exist in my family tree it would have to come from one of the other remaining families listed below, the Smith family itself being one of them.

Family records of this website

It is said that my great-grandfather, Arthur J. Jenkins, was an orphan but he had a few siblings. It is also said that he didn't know the names of his parents so this record will start with two unidentified individuals. Hopefully we may be able to find clues to Arthur Jenkins' origins.
UPDATE: We now have Arthur's parents as well as his grandparents' names confirmed.

The name Mumaw is of German origin. This family lived in Shenandoah County, Va. They came down from Pennsylvania with other families of German origin. However, it has been said that Oma Margaret Mumaw and her siblings had Indian ancestry. I know it couldn't have come from the Mumaw line itself so if there is any truth to the story of Indian ancestry it would have to be from one of her other ancestral lines. At this time I couldn't begin to speculate as to which one it could be.

The progenitor of this family is believed to be John (or Johann) Henry (or Heinrich) Ensminger who came from Alsace-Lorraine which is a region that formed part of the larger Palatinate region between Germany and France. Alsace-Lorraine is now part of France. He originally settled in Lancaster Pa. but later removed to Rockbridge County, Va. and then to Gallia County, Ohio. Some of his descendants remained behind in Rockbridge County, Va.

My earliest known ancestors in this family are John & Rebecca Clark. I believe this family to be of Irish or Scots-Irish origin.

My earliest known ancestor in this family is Dennis Conner who is believed to have been born in Botetourt Co. Va. He married Sarah Fanning. I believe this family to be of Irish or Scots-Irish origin.

The earliest known persons I'm descended from in this family are Thomas Moore, b.bf.1765; place unknown; m. (spouse unknown), He and his family lived in the House Mountain section of Rockbridge County, Va. It is unknown if he was born there or not nor any further info. back from him. The name Moore may also be an altered version of Morris or another variant. Some have claimed Indian ancestry with this family.

The earliest known persons I'm descended from in this family are Andrew Hayslett, d.bf.9/ /1805; m. Martha (unknown last name). Because of this family's early association with the Moores I'm assuming that the claim of Indian ancestry extends to this family as well. The children of Samuel Moore & Ann Hayslett were described as having "dark complexion, dark eyes & black hair".

(Hartless Family Facebook group)
The earliest known ancestors I have in this family are Henry Hartless (possible son of Samuel) and Isabella (unknown). This family has been listed in the early years as 'Mulatto' or 'Person of Colour' or else 'Free Person of Colour' which has been known to suggest a strong possibility of Indigenous ancestry especially if the family ends up also appearing as 'white' in other records but seldom as 'black'. Some families of indigenous origin have appeared in records as 'black' on occasion.

My earliest known ancestors in this family are Moses and Ann Hall.

Although I really don't have any info. on Rachel Smith's family, nonetheless because of my grandmother, Nettie Agnes Entsminger's appearance, I'm guessing that Rachel's family could have had Indian ancestry in it as well. She appears on the 1910 census as a widow but elsewhere as the only parent of her children leading me to believe there was no husband.

Although I'm not directly descended from this family it did connect frequently with some of the ones I do descend from. Most noteably Mary Belle Agnor, 2nd wife of Charles Ashby Entsminger, my great-grandfather. I will add more to this record soon.

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